Insulin Syringe U-40 1/2Cc 29Ga X 1/2" (Ulticare) 10/package

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This is an over the counter product - it does not require prescription.Not sold in CT, IL, MA, NJ, NY, RI Solutions for Pets With Diabetes: Ulti Med, Inc

Lifestyles of pets generally mirror the lifestyles of their owners

This means that measurements of one unit of the UltiCare U-40 syringe will give you precisely one unit of U-40 insulin

Diabetes is a complex metabolic condition which results in the inability of the body to properly maintain and use carbohydrates, fats, and proteins

Factors leading to diabetes are - Diets too rich in fats and carbohydrates - Obesity or general poor fitness - Less exercise - Increased age Although no single factor is a cause by itself, a continuing combination of these factors is usually present when diabetes is diagnosed

A contributing factor is the rise of better health care and increased treatment for pets

About Pets and Diabetes Diabetes in small animals cats and dogs is a growing animal health care concern

Because U-40 is weaker, larger volumes are required giving the ability for more precise measurement of the medication

Many veterinarians are now prescribing Protamine amp Porcine Zinc Insulin PZI amp Vetsulin known as U-40

Today, many people are treating their pets for diabetes using Protamine amp Porcine Zinc Insulin PZI amp Vetsulin

U-100 insulin has 100 units of active insulin in each milliliter ml of liquid

U-40 insulin has 40 units of active insulin in each milliliter ml of liquid

UltiCare U-40 syringes are designed to provide the proper dose of U-40 insulin

Veterinary medicine is attacking this condition as aggressively in pets as their counterparts attack diabetes in humans

Your veterinarian has prescribed the proper dosage of U-40 Insulin for your pet

Units are a standard measurement system for many drugs

America's urban leisure lifestyle which is stated as a factor in the increasing incidence of diabetes in people is most likely the leading cause of diabetes in pets

Because U-40 and U-100 are not equivalent in terms of dosage, a specialized U-40 syringe was developed by UltiMed and a leading pharmaceutical company

Diet changes and increased activity, followed with insulin injections as a last resort are the most likely measures taken

Historically, when animals became ill, they were often without the medical attention we enjoy as humans

It is a life long condition that requires education and awareness for proper treatment

Most commercially available insulins are U-100 and the syringes available at most pharmacies are U-100 syringes

The U refers to actual units of active insulin

This syringe allows for more simplified and accurate dosing of U-40 medications, without complicated mathematical conversions, giving diabetic pet owners an ease-of-use and level of accuracy that had not been available until now.

Though not a diluted form of insulin, U-40 is weaker, thus allowing for larger, more easily measurable doses for small animals

Today, that has changed with many pet owners providing the same level of treatment and medical diagnostics we provide to our families

U-100 syringes are specially designed to provide the proper dose of U-100 insulin

UltiCare has provided the proper syringe to deliver that dosage

Using the UltiCare U-40 syringe means that you can fill the syringe in the normal manner and do not need to rely on any conversion tables

Usually designated as U-40 Insulin , U-40 differs from the standard U-100 Insulin that is prescribed for people with diabetes in the way that it is measured

With small animals, however, it is very difficult to achieve the proper dosage with U-100 insulin, the insulin primarily used by people in the United States

Has developed the UltiCare U-40, a syringe that is specifically designed for U-40 insulin prescribed by veterinarians for pets