Barbossa Child Deluxe Costume

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So, here you are

If your child is fixing to grow to be the fearless pirate Captain Hector Barbossa, then you might as well help him out! This child Barbossa Costume is a deluxe outfit licensed from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

It comes with a jacket and vest combination that will have your little one looking like one classy sea-faring little dude

Of course, no pirate can call himself a captain without a hat, so this costume comes with a bold bicorn hat that rsquo s also fit for an admiral! Once you child has it on, you won rsquo t be able to resist taking orders from him.Don rsquo t stop there! Make sure to add one of our pirate swords to his look, since you don rsquo t know what kind of scurvy dogs your little scallywag will run into during his adventures on the highs seas hellip or during his adventures in the backyard.

Why, you might even be calling him Admiral Barbossa when you see him wearing it

You thought you were fully in control of your life, making the hard decisions in life taking responsibility like a true adult, but suddenly you find that you rsquo re taking orders from a half-pint! He rsquo s telling you to swab the deck! He rsquo s telling you to batten down the hatches! He rsquo s telling you take up arms against his enemies! Yeah, that tends to happen when you have a kid destined to be a legendary pirate living under your roof.Well, there rsquo s really no use fighting it